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Binic Abrasive is a prominent manufacturer of premium abrasive coating products, including sandpaper, sanding belts, and sanding discs. Our commitment to excellence has earned us popularity in markets worldwide, such as the USA, UK, Canada, Korea, and Russia. With a focus on quality and innovation, our products lead the industry in durability and performance. Whether for woodworking, metalworking, or automotive refinishing, our tailored solutions meet diverse application needs. Count on Binic Abrasive to be your reliable partner in abrasive coating product manufacturing – delivering exceptional results every time.

Binic sanding abrasives series

Non-woven series

Binic Abrasive’s NON-WOVEN SERIES offers high-quality abrasive discs, rolls, and sheets, ensuring precise material removal for automotive, metalworking, woodworking, and industrial applications. Efficiency and excellence combined.

Sanding sponge / foam

Binic Abrasive excels in crafting premium SANDING SPONGE/FOAM products, ideal for both car surfaces and drywall. Our expertise lies in creating advanced foam discs and pads that deliver a superior finish through efficient sanding.

Sanding paper & sheets


Binic Abrasive demonstrates remarkable skill in crafting superior SANDING PAPER & SHEETS. Meticulously engineered for exceptional sanding performance on diverse surfaces, guaranteeing professional-grade results.


Binic Abrasive manufactures a diverse selection of accessories, including sanding blocks, backing pads, and sanding pads. These meticulously crafted tools enhance our products, elevating the precision and effectiveness of your sanding and polishing tasks.

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