1.Quality products or services: Having high-quality products or services that meet customers’ needs, establishing a good reputation, and fostering customer loyalty.


2.Technological leadership: Being at the forefront of the industry with advanced technology, patents, or unique intellectual property, providing the company with a competitive advantage in the market.


3.Strong team: Possessing a highly skilled, specialized, and passionate team that collaborates efficiently, innovates, and adapts quickly to market changes.


4.Efficient supply chain management: Establishing an efficient supply chain system to reduce costs, improve delivery speed, and ensure product reliability and stable supply.


5.Widespread market penetration: Successfully entering multiple market segments, expanding a broad customer base, and reducing the risk associated with a single market.


6.Strong brand awareness: Gaining widespread recognition in the target market through active marketing, advertising, and brand building, enhancing market competitiveness.


7.Excellent customer service: Establishing a strong customer service system, providing personalized and attentive service, and enhancing customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth referrals.


8.Sustainable development strategy: Emphasizing corporate social responsibility, adopting environmentally friendly and sustainable development strategies, gaining recognition from customers, employees, and investors, and increasing long-term competitive advantage.